Cash Loans

Destekbank Cash Loan Options

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O/N Loan
By obtaining an O/N Loan from Destekbank, you can easily organize your short-term cash outflows that increase on certain days, and you can direct your budget as you wish with the interest collected daily.
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Spot Loans
Apply for Spot Loans from Destekbank for your company and take advantage of an interest rate that is fixed until the loan maturity and is not affected by market interest fluctuations!
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Revolving Loans
Managing your budget is easy with Revolving Loan! With the Revolving Loan you will receive from Destekbank for your company, you can continuously utilize and repay the principal.
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Installment Loan
With the Installment Loan, you can arrange the installment dates according to your own budget; you can make your repayments in certain periods such as monthly, quarterly or annually.
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Foreign Currency Loan
If you have foreign currency income or a company with foreign currency-indexed cash flow, Destekbank offers you a foreign currency loan to protect you from exchange rate fluctuations!
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Project Loans
It is a type of credit extended to meet the financing needs of companies arising from capacity increase, product range expansion, renovation, modernization, vertical or horizontal integration needs.
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Discount-Redemption Loans
Discount/Discounting Credits are suitable for companies that want to convert their highly collectible post-dated checks or promissory notes arising from their commercial relations into cash before maturity and add them to their working capital.
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TLRef Indexed Loan
TLRef is a benchmark interest rate for banks and real sector companies determined under liquid market conditions, calculated transparently by Borsa Istanbul (BIST) in accordance with international standards and based on actual transactions. TLRef rates are published daily by BIST on its website and transparently communicated to all market participants.
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Vehicle Loan
These are loans for your company's single vehicle or fleet purchase financing needs.
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Overdraft Account
Overdraft Account for urgent cash needs for your company from Destekbank! Overdraft Account for your company is a financial product offered for businesses, companies or other legal entities.
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Intraday Credit
These are loans used to regulate the cash flows of firms during the day. When there is a mismatch between the payments planned to be made during the day and the collections planned to be received, companies can make their payments without waiting for their collections.

Non-Cash Loans

Destekbank provides non-cash credit support to companies for their commercial activities!

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Letter of Reference
These are letters that can be issued in Turkish Lira or foreign currency upon request for the company's needs, showing the products owned by the Bank.
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Letter of Guarantee
Letters of guarantee against public institutions/organizations or private real/legal persons (Addressee), guaranteeing the amount to be paid in the event that the obligations undertaken under the contract cannot be fulfilled.

Foreign Trade Finance

Flexible and fast solutions from Destekbank for your company

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Pre-Export Financing
These loans are extended to meet the cash needs of companies to meet their needs for raw material purchases, packaging, labor, energy, etc. in order to realize export shipments for which orders have been received.
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Post Export Financing
Post-export finance includes a range of financial instruments and services that help exporters manage and finance their transactions and facilitate trade with their international customers before they receive payment.
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TL Export Credit
Turkish lira export credit is a financing instrument used to support the international trade of businesses selling goods and services from Turkey to abroad. It prevents risks that may arise from exchange rate fluctuations. The export credit exemptions specified by law also apply to this type of credit.
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Import Financing
These are loans extended to importing companies to finance the products they order. Financing products are offered according to the type of imports realized.


Loan options for business expansion

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Eximbank Loans
It is a type of credit extended by Türkiye İhracat Bankası A.Ş. (Eximbank) through banks in order to develop exports. It is extended to exporters against the final export and commitment of Turkish origin goods determined by Eximbank during the export preparation phase.