IPO Financing Services

Sources of Financing for the Business

We provide brokerage and consultancy services on all legal and financial transactions required for going public and becoming a publicly traded company, as well as management of investor relations before and after going public and follow-up of public disclosure obligations arising from going public.




Let us do the transaction follow-up

With Destekbank's expert staff, you can access detailed information about IPO transactions and easily follow up your transactions.

Free Cash Flow

An IPO increases a company's capital and strengthens its cash flow, providing benefits such as financing new projects, growth and improvement of existing operations.

Opportunity to Reach Wide Audiences

With an IPO, you can offer your company's shares to a wide range of investors and build relationships with more investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Public offering financing services refer to the process by which a company or organization goes public and sells its shares to general investors, thereby raising capital. This process occurs when a company expands its ownership structure and becomes a publicly traded company.

Capital Increase: Through an IPO, companies can increase their capital and provide the necessary financing for growth projects.

Liquid Asset Creation: An IPO allows the company's stocks to be traded on the stock exchange, thus providing liquidity to the stocks.

Corporate Image and Visibility: Companies that go public gain more visibility and can create a prestigious image as they are opened to general investors.

Share Ownership Distribution: IPOs can reduce risk by diversifying the shareholder base and provide access to a wider investor base.

IPO financing can be utilized by companies seeking to finance growth projects, business expansion or debt reduction, as well as individual or institutional investors who wish to become shareholders by acquiring the shares of publicly listed companies.

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