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Easily turn your investments into earnings with Destekbank Daily Repo!

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42.5 %

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Invest your savings with Destekbank Daily Repo!

With Destekbank's advantageous interest rates, you can make daily repo in foreign currency or TL for the balance in your personal or company account.

By opening your Destekbank account to evaluate your money in repo on a daily basis, you can add value to your savings day by day.

You can open your Destekbank investment account for Daily Repo via Mobile Branch or Internet Branch.


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Make your savings count

The balance in your account is valued in TL or foreign currency by repurchase agreements on your behalf on a daily basis.

Attractive interest rates

With Destekbank's advantageous repo interest rates, you can easily turn your savings into earnings.

Save time

The balance in your Destekbank investment account is repoed on your behalf at the end of the day. Your money gains value without you thinking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Repo is a type of money market transaction. In this transaction, securities (usually government bonds) are sold by the Bank to the customer with the commitment to buy them back at the agreed maturity date. At the maturity of the repo transaction, the Bank repurchases the securities sold to the customer and pays the customer's money plus interest calculated over the agreed term to the customer's account.

A repo transaction is carried out through a contract between two parties. The buyer (repo seller) buys securities from the seller (repo buyer) for a certain period of time and pays an agreed interest in return. The seller has a commitment to buy back the securities at the end of the term.

Overnight repo rate is the interest rate charged on agreements where a repo transaction is conducted overnight. In such repo transactions, the securities are repurchased after one day and interest is calculated over this period.

Repo transactions are used to meet the need for liquidity in the market, to provide short-term funding or to enable institutions that want to invest to earn a return. It can also be seen as an alternative investment instrument for investors who do not want to take risks by holding securities.

You do not need to make a separate transaction to perform repo transactions. The balance in your investment accounts at Destekbank is automatically repoed at the end of the day.

The amount in your Destekbank account is automatically repoed at the end of the day. Whatever balance you have in your account, your repo transaction will be realized over this amount. We have removed the limits!

The interest rate changes as the amount to be repoed increases.

Any individual who is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and over the age of 18 can receive repo. Legal entities can also apply for Destekbank repo.

We repo the balances you leave in your account at the end of the day on your behalf on a daily basis.

Balances left in your account at the end of the day are repoed daily. Withholding Tax is deducted on the repo return.

The balance in your account is automatically repoed every day between 17:45 and 08:00. The reason why the balance in your account is not immediately visible is because it is in repo. The repo balance will be credited to your account after 08:00 the next day. The balance becomes visible in your account after this process.

Yes, you can continue to make foreign currency transactions while your money is being valued through daily repo.

Repo transactions are generally short-term investment instruments. After selling a security, the investor or bank waits a certain period of time to buy it back. During this period, a certain return is earned on the value of the security. The reason why your foreign exchange transactions do not appear in your account immediately is that this process has not yet taken place. Your repo balance is posted to your account after 08:00 the next day. Your foreign currency transactions will also appear in your account after this process.

You can view the transactions you made between repo hours by clicking on the Transaction Book field under the Foreign Exchange Trading tab in Destekbank Mobile Branch and Internet Branch.

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