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Foreign exchange transactions

Make your foreign currency buying and selling transactions through Destekbank by following the Dynamic Exchange Rates and take your place in the privileged world of Destekbank! Take advantage of the transaction advantages with Dynamic Exchange Rates and make your foreign exchange transactions quickly and easily.

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Daily Repo

With Destekbank's advantageous interest rates, you can make daily repo in foreign currency or TL for the balance in your personal or company account.

By opening your Destekbank account to repo your money daily, you can add value to your savings day by day.

You can open your Destekbank investment account for Daily Repo via Mobile Branch or Internet Branch. .


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Manage your business investments by managing risk with forward transactions!

If you are interested in import and export transactions, if you are collecting or paying on a deferred basis, you can use forward transactions to manage your profitability in your commercial activities by protecting yourself from exchange rate risk.

Protect your assets against exchange rate fluctuations with Destekbank Forward transactions!



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With Destekbank Option Transactions, you can direct your activities by reducing risk in any commercial activity where you have financial risk.

An option is an over-the-counter contract that gives the right to buy or sell any predetermined financial underlying asset at a specified maturity. Option transactions are a structure that obligates the buyer to buy or sell the relevant asset.

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FX Swap

FX Swap against uncertainties in exchange rates from Destekbank!

FX swap is a type of financial transaction involving two different currencies. With FX swap transactions, you can provide protection against fluctuations in exchange rates and meet your financial needs.

FX Swaps involve the exchange of a certain amount of foreign currency between two parties for a certain period of time.

You can easily make FX Swap transactions against interest rate differences and exchange rate fluctuations at Destekbank.

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Cross Currency Swap (XCS)

With Destekbank Cross Currency Swap, you can control your budget as you wish without being affected by fluctuations in exchange rates.

A Cross Currency Swap is an over-the-counter derivative contract for the exchange of principal and interest payments between two currencies.


While the principal can be exchanged at the beginning or end of the maturity, the interest rate can be exchanged periodically.

Since Cross Currency Swap is a long-term transaction, it is made for maturities of 1 year and above.

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Interest Rate Swap (IRS)

An Interest Rate Swap is an over-the-counter long-term contract that involves the exchange of a cash flow in one currency for a cash flow in a different currency. An Interest Rate Swap is generally the exchange of a fixed interest rate for a floating interest rate, or vice versa, and the adjustment of cash flows accordingly.

With an Interest Rate Swap, you can ensure the continuity of cash flow for your company at the lowest possible interest rate without being exposed to fluctuations in interest rates.