Company Mergers and Acquisitions

Special Counseling Services for You

Advisory services are provided on mergers and acquisitions and mergers.

The services offered include determining the value of the company for both the buy-side and sell-side, identifying potential buyers and sellers, determining road maps in line with the objectives, and designing the process.




Draw your roadmap with Destekbank

Perform mergers and acquisitions together with Destekbank's team of experts and take firm steps forward.

Fast market access

You can reach a bigger market and a stronger position by overcoming the limits of organic growth.

Increase your company's efficiency

By combining the talents, resources and activities of companies, you can create a more efficient working environment and reduce costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

M&A transactions are transactions in which two or more companies merge their assets, businesses or shares, or in which one company fully or partially acquires another. These transactions are carried out to support the growth strategies of businesses, to become stronger in the market, to gain competitive advantage or to capture synergies.

Strategic Goals and Target Identification: Companies identify the strategic reasons for cooperating or acquiring a company.


Analyzing Potential Targets: Potential target companies are analyzed and suitable candidates are evaluated.


Negotiations and Contracts: The parties negotiate the terms of the transaction and put the agreements in writing.


Due Diligence: The acquirer examines the target company in detail from a financial, operational and legal perspective.


Obtaining Approval and Authorization: The transaction may be approved by relevant authorities such as regulators and competition authorities.


Completion of the Transaction: The terms of the deal are fulfilled, payments are made and the transaction is completed.

M&A transactions can be carried out by businesses of different sizes, from large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises. Any business with financial capacity, strategic goals and growth plans can consider such transactions.

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