Interest Rate Swap (IRS)

Over-the-Counter Interest Rate Swap Transactions at Destekbank!

Manage your long-term risks with Interest Rate Swaps!

An Interest Rate Swap is an over-the-counter long-term contract that involves the exchange of a cash flow in one currency for a cash flow in a different currency. An Interest Rate Swap is generally the exchange of a fixed interest rate for a floating interest rate, or vice versa, and the adjustment of cash flows accordingly.

With an Interest Rate Swap, you can ensure the continuity of cash flow for your company at the lowest possible interest rate without being exposed to fluctuations in interest rates.


Risk Management

You can manage your cash flow without being affected by changes in the interest rate of the underlying asset.

Favorable interest rates

You can control your cash flow with the favorable interest rates offered by Destekbank.

Manage Change

You can get information from our expert staff for conversion from variable to constant, from constant to variable or from variable to variable, and you can contact Destekbank at any time for your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

An interest rate swap is a forward contract in which one stream of future interest payments is exchanged for another stream based on a specified principal amount.

Interest rate swaps are entered into firstly to obtain the most favorable interest rate possible and secondly to reduce or increase exposure to interest rate fluctuations.

Yes, it is possible. This is called a Cross Currency Swap.

Swaps are usually float to fix or fixed to float. In rare cases, a float to float swap may also be used.

Interest Rate Swaps are suitable for all companies that want to manage interest liabilities in their cash flows correctly.

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