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It is a type of credit extended to meet the financing needs of companies arising from capacity increase, product range expansion, renovation, modernization, vertical or horizontal integration needs.

Investment and working capital financing, which is needed from time to time for the investment to become operational, is provided according to the cash flow of the project.


Expand your business volume

Renew your business with Project Loans, let Destekbank provide the financing.

Manage your cash flow

Invest in your company with Project Loans and increase your capacity according to the appropriate resource structure.

Shape the future of your business

Get financing solutions tailored to your needs from Destekbank, gain strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Project loans are loans used to finance large-scale projects that are planned to be used for a specific purpose. These projects can often involve large-scale and long-term investments such as infrastructure, power generation, construction, industrial facilities, etc. Project loans are provided to businesses or organizations that finance such projects.

Long-Term Financing: Project loans usually offer long-term repayment terms. This ensures repayment in future periods when the project starts to generate income.

Special Purpose Financing: Project loans are used to finance a specific project. This allows the project's financing and repayment to be managed separately from other business activities.


Low Interest Rates: Project loans can often be offered with lower interest rates depending on the type and risk of the project. This allows businesses to borrow on more favorable terms to finance the project.


Acceleration of Investment: Project loans can be used to accelerate large-scale projects. Businesses can use the loan to complete the project and start generating revenue faster.


Risk Management: Project loans can help the business financing the project to better manage its cash flow. This can reduce the financial risks of the business.


Possibility of Larger Projects: Project loans can enable businesses to undertake larger and more complex projects. This can increase growth and competitive advantage.


Expertise and Support: Project finance specialists can often help assess and manage such loans. This can help businesses create more effective financing strategies.

Project loans are loans used to finance large-scale investments. Institutions and businesses from different sectors such as industrial companies, energy companies, infrastructure projects, real estate development, telecommunications and public institutions can opt for project loans. These loans offer advantages such as long-term financing, growth opportunities and special purpose financing.

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