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Easily trade derivatives such as Forwards, Options, Currency Swaps, IRS, Cross Currency Swaps, Spot transactions and save time.

Frequently Asked Questions

It covers forward transactions such as options and swaps, including forward transactions.

It is the purchase or sale of a currency pair for a certain amount at a future maturity at a certain exchange rate. The maturity, amount and exchange rate are fixed and definite at the beginning of the

The right to buy or sell a currency pair at a specified maturity, for a specified amount, at a specified exchange rate. In return, the holder has paid an option premium at the beginning of the term. Based on this, he has the right to execute or not execute the transaction at expiry. The other party must abide by this decision. If the party with the right to 

It is the exchange of the currency that is liquid for a certain maturity and the currency that is needed. The maturity, amount and exchange rate are fixed and definite at the beginning of the term. At the beginning of the maturity, the two currencies are exchanged using an exchange rate determined between the parties. At the end of the term, the currencies are exchanged at another exchange rate determined at the beginning of the term.

An interest rate swap is an agreement between two parties to exchange fixed interest payments and floating interest payments in the same currency, calculated based on a hypothetical principal amount agreed by the parties. The purpose of IRS is to hedge interest rate risk arising from interest rate fluctuations in the market.

A cross currency swap is an agreement between two parties to swap interest payments and principal in two different currencies. In a cross currency swap, interest payments and principal in one currency are exchanged for principal and interest payments in a different currency. Interest payments are exchanged at specified intervals over the life of the contract. Cross currency swaps are highly customizable and can include floating, fixed interest rates or both.

TL-FX and FX-FX foreign exchange or precious metal purchase and sale transactions with a value date of t+0 (today) that are not considered forward transactions.

Transactions with debt instruments that promise a return on principal at maturity and/or at maturity. Although it mainly refers to treasury bills and government bonds issued by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, financing bills and bonds issued by the private sector are also considered within this scope. Custody is generally held domestically at Takasbank and CRA.

Repo is the placement or borrowing of money by buying/selling fixed income securities for a certain interest rate for temporary periods until the maturity of the security within the scope of commitments given. Generally, these transactions are carried out at overnight, weekly or monthly maturities.

A Risk Disclosure Form is a document used by a company or financial institution to present to investors or customers. This form informs individuals or organizations of potential risks before investing and clearly states the potential risks of the investment or transaction.

OTC Derivatives are financial instruments that are not traded on an organized exchange but are traded between private parties through private contracts. These instruments are derived contracts on stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and other financial assets.

What is an Over-the-Counter Option?a.    An OTC Option is a financial contract that gives the right to buy or sell an asset (usually a stock, currency, commodity or index) at a fixed price at a future date. Over-the-counter options are private contracts that are not traded on an organized exchange. These contracts are created by mutual agreement of the buyer (option buyer) and the seller (option writer) and are based on agreements with specific terms.

If you want to reduce the risk for your business activities, you can call our expert teams at xxx. Our team members specialized in creating financial solutions will offer the right method for your company's risks.

** The information on this and other pages is of a general nature and may not contain sufficient information to support your buying and selling decision regarding the products you want to benefit from. Destekbank cannot be held responsible for the consequences of investment or similar decisions taken based on the information on these pages.

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