Foreign exchange transactions

Dynamic Exchange Rates at Destekbank! Manage your savings easily from anywhere, anytime, and invest your money.

Foreign Exchange Transactions are both Fast and Advantageous with the Mobile Branch

Make your foreign currency buying and selling transactions through Destekbank by following the Dynamic Exchange Rates and take your place in the privileged world of Destekbank! Take advantage of the transaction advantages with Dynamic Exchange Rates and make your foreign exchange transactions quickly and easily.


Dynamic Exchange Rates

Value your principal at competitive exchange rates and make buying and selling effortless.

Place orders at any price

Record the price you want for a buy or sell trade in the system. When the market price reaches your order price, the system will automatically execute the trade for you.

Set alarms, seize opportunities

Set the price you set to make the foreign exchange transaction as an alarm to the system. The alarm will notify you when the market reaches the price you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Destekbank Dynamic Foreign Exchange Rates are financial transactions that enable buying and selling foreign currency.

You can follow the current market foreign exchange and precious metal rates instantly via Destekbank Mobile Branch or Internet Branch, and perform your purchase and sale transactions 5/24.

Yes. a. With the order placement feature in foreign exchange and foreign currency transactions with Destekbank, the exchange rate price you want to trade is monitored by the system in the market. When your order price coincides with the market, your transaction is automatically executed by the system.

It means how long your order will be followed by the system when placing a limit order.

There are three types of order options that you can place via Destekbank Mobile Branch or Internet Branch:

Valid until canceled: The order is valid unless you cancel your order.


Intraday: Your order is canceled at 23:59 on the same day. Your order will not be valid the next day.


Valid until the specified date: Your order is valid until the date and time of your choice.

No limit. You can place as many limit orders as you want.

No. We do not check the balance when placing an order. However, we check your account at the moment of order execution and if there is sufficient balance, we can execute the transaction.

If there is not enough money in your account balance at the time of your order, your order will not be executed. Your order is canceled due to insufficient funds. You can place another order if you wish.

You can place any type of order by clicking on the "New Order" option in the Orders section on Destekbank Mobile Branch or Internet Branch. Your order will be valid even if there is no balance in your account at the time of order entry. At the moment of order execution, your account is checked for the transaction amount and if the required amount is in your account, the transaction is executed.

With a chain order, you can execute multiple orders consecutively in a certain order or sequence. With chain orders, you can automatically execute multiple transactions when certain conditions are met.

Yes. If you want to keep track of whether your targeted exchange rate price is realized or not, you can set an alarm and let us notify you.

No, you can set as many alarms as you wish for your transactions.

Yes. You can perform technical analysis on the charts we offer at Destekbank, or you can perform fundamental analysis by following the market news.

You can open an account through Destekbank Mobile Branch or Internet Branch to buy and sell foreign currency, store and evaluate your assets, and perform your transactions quickly and easily.

You can perform foreign currency transactions at any time between Monday 01:00 and Friday 23:59 on weekdays.

The difference between the buying price and selling price of currency pairs/parities (the ratio of currencies to each other) is called the spread.

Yes, the spread is not fixed. Depending on market and liquidity conditions, the spread of the relevant currency pair may vary.

Yes, the balance remaining in the trading account at the end of the day is automatically repoed by the system. You can continue to trade while your balance is in repo.

Your balance in automatic repo will be transferred to your account on the next business day. Since the balance will be accounted for after it is transferred to your account, you cannot see the transactions made during repo hours in your mobile and internet branch account transactions.

Yes, you can trade while your balance is in repo and continue to earn overnight earnings.

No, you cannot make foreign exchange transactions on the weekend as foreign markets are closed.

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